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Pasture Renewal website now carries technical tips
Saturday, August 01, 2009

The newly launched PRCT website has had additional technical tips articles added to resource rural retailers and assist farmers.

AR37 publicationFour articles are included in the technical tips section. They are:

  • Managing for pasture persistence;
  • Managing for pasture productivity;
  • Recovering pasture after drought; and
  • Visual identification of paddocks for renewal.

The content has been prepared by specialist personnel in the sector and vetted by industry personnel.
“We expect these articles to be of considerable value in discussions on pasture renewal and encourage retailers to pass on the website details onto farmers to check out the information directly,” says the Trust’s project manager Nicola Holmes.

“To date we are encouraged by the numbers visiting the PRCT website and plan to continue updates to keep relevant information website available, along with success stories from farmers.

“Over 2600 visits were recorded in the first three months of operation,” Holmes says.

For more detail, or suggestions for inclusion on the website, phone Nicola Holmes 027 232 7578 or email

Article sourced from: Agribusiness


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